Simple Academy is a group of licensed Acupuncturists who study together to improve knowledge and understanding of the philosophy of Oriental medicine. We are NCCAOM approved PDA(Professional Development Activity) Provider and we'll have monthly seminars from April 2017. For the time being, we limit the seminar exclusively to the members due to space limitation.

​Title: Korean 8 Constitutional Medicine (26PDA)
​Lecture will be delivered in Korean.

4/20/17 Introduction (2PDA)
​5/18/17 Physiology & Pathology 1 (3PDA)
6/15/17 Physiology & Pathology 2 (3PDA)
​7/20/17 Diagnosis (3PDA)
​8/17/17 Acupuncture Treatment 1 (3PDA)
​9/21/17 Acupuncture Treatment 2 (3PDA)
10/19/17 Herbal Formula (3PDA)
​11/16/17 Diet (3PDA)
​12/21/17 Summary (3PDA)

​Title: Herbal Medicine I - Understanding and Using Old Formula
Korean Lecture
​Jan. - Dec. 2018

​Title: Korean 5 element needling
English Lecture
​Nov. 2017 - Nov. 2018