Welcome to Simple Acupuncture!

     Welcome to Simple Acupuncture, the clinic operated by the acupuncturist’s network you can trust. We are expanding our practice in Union county, thanks to our loyal friends and customers around metro NY area. We are a network of acupuncturists who want to improve our clinical knowledge thru studying classical textbooks and sharing our clinical experiences. We are not just the acupuncturists who practice together but share the same style and diagnosis. You can trust us wherever and whenever you go and get treatments. We don’t just study classical books for knowledge but try to translate those into modern terms and contexts. Our diagnosis system is based on abdominal palpation which shows reliability and reproducibility clinically. We also utilize various assessment methods to show you that needles really help you to recover or improve your functions as soon as they go into the points.

     Our goal for the treatment is not only improving the symptoms but also providing you the long term management of healthier body and mind. Thanks to the Korean constitutional medicine, we have the lists of the food and activity which help you to improve and maintain your body easily. Since our body is not a machine, it is not always easy to determine which type of body you have. Even though, you can always have ideas that which types of food might be beneficial and which are not, after the series of treatments. We hope you enjoy navigating our website and get some useful information. Please visit again for new information and prospective we want to share with. Thanks.

Call 201-768-0255(Tenafly) or 908-333-5787(Union) for a free consultation appointment today.

If you want to make an appointment, call or text 201-658-4225(Tenafly & Union) 201-233-5742(Union) with your name, time options and location(Tenafly or Union)

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Free Senior Clinic comes on 3 to 6pm Sep 10, Oct 8, Nov 12, Dec 10, 2016.