"Natural Cures You Never Thought Possible"

        In this modern hectic world, natural cures are not usually on our mind when we don't feel well or diagnosed with certain symptoms. We usually pick up some medicines(artificial chemicals), instead of giving our body some time for healing itself. Our body has the ability to stay healthy if we eat well and exercise correctly. Using medication such as antibiotics, pain killers, and anti-inflammatory on a temporary basis may not harm much as our body can maintain balance(homeostasis). However, if we use other types of medication to treat metabolic issues or chronic diseases and taking those for a long time, we are not only destroying our body's natural balance but also ending up with a serious incurable condition. Natural healing from chronic disease is always possible if we get out of those medications and give our body a chance to heal itself. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can help us to boost up our healing power and we can guide you through the healing process.

Welcome to Simple Acupuncture!

      Welcome to Simple Acupuncture, a clinic operated by the leader of Simple Academy. We are different than others in terms of continuous efforts for improvements, unique treatment methods, instant results, and long term management plan.

     Simple Academy is a network of acupuncturists who want to improve our clinical knowledge thru studying classical and modern textbooks and sharing our clinical experiences. We gather and study once a month not only for increasing our knowledge but also for trying to translate classical text into modern terms and contexts. We are not just the acupuncturists who share clinical data but share the same unique treatment style and diagnosis.
     Our diagnosis system is based on abdominal palpation which shows reliability and reproducibility clinically. We also utilize various assessment methods to show you that needles really help you to recover or improve your functions as soon as they go into the points. Our goals for the treatment are not only improving symptoms but also providing you with long term management plans for a healthier body and mind. Thanks to Korean constitutional medicine, we have the list of the food and activity for each body type which helps you to improve and maintain your health easily. Since our body is not a machine, it is not always easy to determine which type of body you have. However, you can always have ideas that which types of food are beneficial and which are not, after the series of treatments.

      When you choose acupuncture treatment for your condition, it is not only for the immediate resolution of your pain or discomfort but also for long term goals of your overall health. Good long term relationship with the right healthcare professional should give you physical, emotional and financial benefit. We can help to restore your body's natural balance and your confidence in your healing power.

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