Reception Policy
Due to high volume of telemarketing calls, out of state calls are usually not answered. Please leave a message if you want to make an appointment or have any questions. We will call back as soon as possible.

Health info update
Health Info is being updated with selected successful cases. Please visit soon to get more information. If you have any question or request, please use "contact us" to send an email. Thanks.

Refund Policy
If you are not satisfied for any reason during the multi-session and decided to stop, I will gladly provide refund as you request. Charges for remaining session will be refunded as it is calculated as in regular fee schedule.

Cancellation Policy
If you do not provide any change or cancellation notice 24 hours before your appointment, regular charges will be assessed on your account. Please kindly provide us a notice if you need any changes on your appointment.

Laser or Piezoelectric Acupuncture
Afraid of needles or have kids need acupuncture? No problem!! We now offer Laser or Piezoelectric Acupuncture for those who have needle phobia or kids too young to have needles. It is painless and still effective. Cost and other aspects of treatment session remains same but it could take longer to obtain desired level of result.

Union Office Closed
​We closed Union office due to departing of the partner. We will looking for the space in big facility in which we can see private patients as well as do research projects. 

Holiday Schedules
Feb 19 President's Day  Closed