Thanks to awareness campaigns, more and more people are trying to screen regularly to take action during the early stage of cancers. As we may know, primary site is breast for women and prostate for men. Lung is second most for both men and women. Colorectal and skin follows next.

Why do we have so many cases of cancer? Is it environmental disaster or stress-related? What should we do to avoid it? Did we have a cancer in old days? Despite so many questions are asked but not many are answered.

Our body needs good circulation of blood and energy for proper functioning. If the circulation compromised in specific areas where environment for the cells are hostile, they are trying very hard to survive in that circumstances. Pain usually occurs on that area due to rising pressure between circulating blood and the barrier of stagnation. If the situation persist, they will make desperate action such as building new blood vessels on the area and do more divisions into new cells which last longer than normal cells. Those rebellion of the cells actually jeopardize the life as a whole.

What do you do in this situation? The situation is similar to civil war where the rebellions are furiously threaten the government. Are you gonna kill them all by force? Or are you gonna talk to them and resolve the problem peacefully? In emergency situation, force might be appropriate temporarily. Otherwise forcing them to withdraw is not an solution. It is your brothers and sisters, not your enemy.

If you realize the situation, your response might be quite different than before. Cancer cells are not your enemy but your fellowmen. Instead of killing cells by surgery, chemo or radiation therapy, you need to listen to and comfort them to solve the situation peacefully. If you have a cancer in your late years, you can just alleviate the pain least invasive way and live your life as a normal. It is the sign of overall degradation of your body's function not a terrible disease to fight.

The circulation can be improved with the acupuncture and oriental medicine as the balance restored. Avoiding unnatural, nonseasonal, processed food might be the first step to approach. Emotional well-being is also important factor to be considered. Proper exercise also increases good circulation overall. 

PS. If you are interested in more about conventional cancer treatment, you can go to youtube and search for "The Truth about Cancer"