Weight Loss

Thanks to agricultural technology, we are living in a time of abundance. You can find almost everything you want to eat in the supermarket. On the other side of these flourishes, there always are shades. According to a 2009 survey, 63% of American are overweight or obese. Many people actively seeking ways to lose weight and stay fit. However, the success rate is not so high. Successful at long-term weight loss is usually defined as losing at least 10% of initial body weight and maintaining the loss for at least 1 year.
A question arises at that point. Why can't I lose and maintain weight even though I tried harder to eat healthy food and stay active? There are loopholes which you may miss.

First, women are generally eating salads to restrict calorie intake to lose weight. Salads are mostly lettuce with some white meat and dressing. Lettuce contains a lot of water and cold in nature. When cold food goes into your body, it will slow down your metabolism. During the summertime, since you may lose body fluid thru sweat, you need to replenish it by eating seasonal fruits and veggies. During the winter, you don't need that much water in your diet. Enjoy your salad during the summer and winter veggies such as cabbages, radishes, pumpkins during the winter. Also depending on your constitutional type, some people need more root veggies, not leafy veggies. Leafy veggies are good for people who have a weaker Liver system and root veggies are good for people with weak Lung system. For more information, please contact us for consultation.

​Second, weight loss diet using only a certain type of food or just fasting could give you a quick result. However, if you are back on a normal diet, your weight can come back too. Best way to prevent yo-yo effect is to maintain the normal diet pattern and reduce portions and food item step by step. You may reduce refined carbohydrate(white bread or pasta) and increase veggie intake. Eating slowly also helps to prevent overeating.

Third, If you have a certain medical condition, it would be harder to lose weight, just with a diet and exercise. You need to treat those conditions first to make your body balanced. Oriental Medicine approach can give you an answer to your hard-to-treat diseases.