Menopause & Andropause

Symptoms of menopause are well known to the public as lots of women go through discomforts when they get older as female hormone decreases. Symptoms includes hot flashes, night sweats, depressions as well as irregular periods. Intensity of the symptoms varies person to person but more than half of women experiencing those symptoms. Also, more than one fifth of them suffer severe symptoms which cannot be coped without medication.

Men also suffer from similar symptoms which is called andropause, decreased level of male hormone. Symptoms can include muscle loss, erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual desire, thinning hair, memory loss, lack of energy as well as night sweats and hot flashes. Even though not many men are actively seeking for total solution, they can easily get the solution for individual symptom such as erectile dysfunction. We can easily see it on TV commercials which dedicated to the symptom. 

How do we cope with those changes? Since it is natural and inevitable changes, we should be very careful of using synthetic hormones and other substances with harmful side effect. Those may reduce symptoms temporarily but will damage to your body which might not be easily recovered. Many researches show that those hormone therapy can increase chances of certain cancers. 

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can help to reduce the symptoms during the transition. Since it is the symptom of declining Kidney essence from Oriental Medicine point of view, It would be easier if you combine proper diet, exercise and meditation along with the treatments.

Case 1: 49 year old female
She came to the office to treat neck and shoulder pain. She had a history of rotator cuff tear and dislocated shoulder. Examine reveals that she also has symptoms of menopause, sleeping issues, depressions due to divorce and Raynaud's syndrome(excessive restriction of blood vessel on extremities)

She's been suffering from menopause symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats for more than 2 years. During the first treatment, her ROM on the shoulder got better with less pain. On second visit, she reported she didn't have hot flashes or night sweats since. Her pain as well as menopause symptoms was gradually improved with treatment. 

She gradually reduced her depression medication and felt better on neck and shoulder area. Her menopause symptoms were almost stopped with several treatments. Cold hands and feet got also improved but was still bothers her with cold weather and stresses. She was advised to come back when the weathers got cold.

Case 2: 46 year old male
He came to the office for lower back pain. He's been suffering from LBP for a long time due to his construction career. He also has symptoms of night sweats for more than 10 years. Recently he was getting a shot for his low Testosterone level. He's been complaining about his tiredness and lack of energy and shots can help to perform what he needs to do.

After the first treatment, lower back pain, fatigue and night sweats got better. Night sweats were back with alcohol but otherwise it was gone. Energy level was also elevated and maintained during the treatment periods. Within several sessions, his lower back pain was gone and he was treated other minor pains on the ankle and knee. He also can maintain the energy level without regular shots. He was advised to come back if symptoms got worse on his lower back or energy level.