‚ÄčA Clinical Trial - Treating severe spinal problems with herbal medicine
                          (Sep - Nov 2018)

During the month of September, we are recruiting patients for a clinical trial. The trial focuses on patients who have severe spinal conditions which cannot be treated effectively with traditional western medicine. We are using Herbal medicine to alleviate symptoms and improve overall function. Target group would be patients who do not respond well to the conventional non-invasive methods such as chiropractic, physical therapy, massage and acupuncture. There are good amount of clinical evidence in Korea of full or partial recovery from these condition as a direct result of herbal medicine treatments.

The trial is offered completely free without obligation so patients may stop whenever they want. The main objective of this trial is to prove the efficacy of herbal medicine in the treatment of severe muscular skeletal problems that would typically result in surgery. The treatment would take place over the course of three month with the administration of herbal medicine twice a day and bi-monthly examinations. 

            At the end of the trial, patients should be relieved from major symptoms but complete recovery may need more time. Patients may respond to conventional therapy again and will be able to live a normal life without opioid pain killers or injections. They may find positive changes in MRI or X-ray report as well. Please email to info@simpleacupuncture.net if you have any question.